Magnum 4202 pendant lamp is available in natural birch
Magnum 4202 pendant lamp is available in white laminated
Magnum 4202 pendant lamp is available in black laminated
Magnum 4202 pendant lamp is available in walnut veneer

Magnum 4202 pendant lamp:
Monumental yet cosy

Magnum 4202 was originally designed for public spaces. Also great in homes with high ceilings.


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Magnum 4202 pendant lamp

Magnum 4202 pendant lamp

Magnum 4202. Livraria Cultura, São Paulo, Brazil. Project by studiomk27. Photo by Fernando Guerra

Magnum 4202. VPK Packaging, New headquarters, Aalst, Belgium. Architecture and interior design by De Cort & Dervichian. Photo by De Cort & Dervichian

Magnum 4202. Cafe & Restaurant De Plantage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Architecture by Studio Linse. Photo by Ellen Swaan

Secto Design Magnum 4202 pendant lamp is available in four colours: birch, walnut, black and white.
Secto Design Magnum 4202 pendant lamp is 87 cm high and its diameter is 56 cm.

Magnum 4202 pendant lamp

Handmade of PEFC-certified form pressed birch in Finland by highly skilled craftsmen. 

Finishing options

Shade CableCeiling cup
Natural birch WhiteWhite
White laminated WhiteWhite
Black laminated Black Black
Walnut veneer White White

Product details

Material  Form pressed birch slats
Dimensions Height 87 cm
Diameter Ø 56 cm
Weight 4,2 kg
Package 58 × 58 × 93 cm, 8,8 kg
Voltage 220-240VAC 50Hz
Light source E27 base, LED max 20 W. Comes with a LED bulb (Airam LED Superlux, E27, 20 W, 2452 lumen, 2700 K, warm white, non dimmable, may vary). The use of special bulbs such as halogen, mirror or 12 V bulbs in Secto Design lamps is prohibited, due to overheating. This product is supplied with an example bulb of energy efficiency class E. 
Dimming Details
DALI Attachable to DALI systems with a separate DALI-compatible trailing edge (phase cut off) type dimmer. Due to great variation in DALI systems, Secto Design does not supply DALI-dimmers. Please contact your local electrician.
Cable 200 cm, textile cable, ceiling plug/connector, ceiling cup, 3 steel wires
Classification Ingress Protection IP20, IEC Protection Class II, CE marking
Installation Separate instructions on the website.
Maintenance Wipe dust regularly. To remove fresh stains wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

Installation instructions

Step 1Install the power cord and support wires as illustrated. NB. The power connector may vary according to the local standard or regulations. Consult an authorized electrician if necessary.
Step 2Insert the wires into the cord slot. Tighten the cup to the screw according to the separate manual.
Step 3Loosen all three steel wires and let the whole weight of the lampshade rest on the power cord only. Leave for 24 hours to stabilize the height.
Step 4Tighten the support wires by pulling them. You may cut the extra length.

Steel wire details

The Magnum pendant includes three steel wires for balancing the shade.

The wires are attached from the end loops (pic. 1) to the ceiling hook (not incl.) inside the ceiling cup. The other end of the wires are attached to the shade. If the hanging height of the Magnum is altered, the length of the steel wires can be changed with the adjustable screws (pic. 2) by pushing the tip at the top of the screws down and then sliding the wire into the hole.

Please find enclosed detailed images of the loops and the adjustable screws.

The end loops of the Magnum steel wires (above). The adjustable screws of the Magnum steel wires (below)

Standard ceiling cup

Height11,2 cm / 12 cm (with ring)
Outer upperØ 12,2 cm / 13,1 cm (with ring) 
Inner upperØ 11,8 cm / 12,2 cm (with ring)
Weight58 g / 74 g (with ring)
ColorWhite or black matt soft lacquer depending on the colour of the pendant
InformationThe standard ceiling cup includes an additional ring, which enables leading the cable along the ceiling into the ceiling cup. The additional ring can also be used to cover a larger ceiling socket.

Any extra length of the cable can be swirled into theceiling cup when altering the hanging height of the pendant.

Standard cable set

Weight192 g (incl. all parts)
Cable lenght 150 cm (longer cables available upon request at additional cost) 
ColourWhite or black matt soft lacquer depending on the colour of the pendant
Lamp baseE27
WattageLED max 20 W
Information The standard cable set includes the lamp base, a textile cable, a ceiling cup, a suspension screw and an additional ring. A ceiling plug (pictured) is included in the deliveries to Finland and Sweden; deliveries to other countries include a terminal block (not pictured).

Light distribution

Light distribution curve of Magnum 4202. Light distribution is shown in two perpendicular vertical planes (C-planes).

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