Varsi 1000 suspension arm:
Creative solution

An adjustable suspension arm for the use of the classic Secto Design pendants in new and creative ways!

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Varsi 1000 with Victo 4250. Model room, Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Uzi Varon

Varsi 1000, Model room.

Varsi with Design Dock, Helsinki Design Week. Photo by Uzi Varon.

Varsi 1000, Octo 4240. Fred International, Showrooom. Melbourne, Australia. Interior Design by Angela Harry. Styling by Simone Haag. Photo by Mark Roper.

Varsi 1000 suspension arm

Adjustable suspension arm that enables the use of the already classic Secto Design pendants in a new and creative way. With the wall mounted suspension arm the pendants Secto, Secto Small, Octo, Octo Small, Victo, Victo Small, Puncto and Kontro can be placed in a space where ceiling suspension is not an option.

Finishing options

Frame Cable
Black Black 

Product details

Material Fine textured powder coated steel
Dimensions Height 41 cm
Length 130–230 cm, adjustable
Weight 3,8 kg (without the pendant)
Rotation 180 degrees
Package 139 × 46 × 9 cm, 5,4 kg
Dimming Details
Light source This product comes with a pendant lamp that is supplied with an example bulb of energy efficiency class E or F.
DALI  Depends on the pendant lamp
Cable 800 cm, black. Comes with a plug and switch. 
Classification Ingress Protection IP20
IEC Protection Class II
CE marking
Installation The desired hanging height of the pendant is adjusted by tightening the two screws on the arm.
Maintenance Wipe dust regularly. To remove fresh stains wipe with a slightly damp cloth.


WARNING: The cable can only be replaced by the manufacturer or a certified electrician.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of strangulation the flexible wiring connected to this luminaire shall be effectively fixed to the wall if the wiring is within arm's reach.

Wall installation

Note: For selected Secto Design pendants ONLY. Secto 4200, Secto Small 4201, Octo 4240, Octo Small 4241, Victo 4250, Victo Small 4251, Puncto 4203 and Kontro 6000.

Step 1Screw the back plate (6 cm x 20 cm) to the wall (screws not incl.). Wall strength, wall material and the leverage effect must be taken into account when choosing the screws.
Step 2Adjust the desired length of the suspension arm and tighten the screw.
Step 3Adjust the desired height of the lamp attached to the suspension arm and tighten the screw.
Step 4Secure the position by tightening the cord.
Step 5 Turn the suspension arm to the desired angle and tighten the screw.
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