Privacy – Customer register and data-protection

The protection of personal data is important. Any personal data gathered by Secto Design will only be used for their stated purposes. Data collected will not be submitted further for any other reasons than providing services in agreement with the individual.

Controller of the Register

Secto Design Oy
Kauppalantie 12, 02700 Kauniainen, Finland
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Enqueries regarding personal information can be submitted to and will be reviewed with no unnecessary delay. The following policy outlines how Secto Design collects, and processes personal information. The collection and processing of any information collected is done according to applicable legislation.

In this policy we describe how we process and collect data for the following purposes:

  • Subscriptions to our newsletters
  • Managing invitations to fairs and events
  • Intellectual property protection
  • The use of our website gallery
  • Analyzing and developing website traffic
  • Cookies and registration of IP adresses

What data we collect

We collect personal data to run, develop and maintain our business and our services. This collection of data concerns contact-details such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, company, title, and country. The information listed is collected by voluntary handover when subscribing to our newsletter, downloading images from our gallery, leaving your contact details with us or when contacting us. For developing and enhancing our website experience we use cookies, and register general traffic data including IP-address. Further information regarding each instance can be found below.

Job applications sent to Secto Design are stored for a reasonable amount of time, after which they are deleted.

Why do we process personal data?

Secto Design Oy processes personal data for the purposes of directing marketing, completing orders and any other service requests.

Newsletter and Events: For us to best inform persons of interest about current events, fairs, and other relevant news, we collect e-mail address, country and whether the person is a interior design professional, member of the press or a private consumer. Opting out of our newsletter can be done from the newsletter, or contacting For events we may collect dieatary information.

Gallery and Intellectual Property Protection: To monitor the use of our images and for reasons of combating fraud and misuse of Secto Design's intellectual property, we collect some information when dowloading images. For downloading images we request your name, e-mail address and company name.

Website and Cookies: From our website we gather general traffic data, user location, IP address, operating system, web browser and websites used directly prior or after entering This information is generally not connected to any individual. Our website also makes use of cookies for improving our website services, and storing preferences regarding e.g. location on our website. Cookies are used to improve and develop our website.

Orders and other service requests: For the reason of completing orders and other service requests, we collect any information necessary for processing and delivering orders and other service requests. This may include name, address, telephonenumber, e-mail address and any other information necessary.

Digital training platform for retailers: We collect personal user data necessary for the management of the eLearning process, such as basic personal data, e.g. name, email address and usage statistics.

User’s right to check, update, restrict processing, and remove personal data

Users have a right to request access to, correction of, withdraw consent of and restriction of the use of personal data collected. In case of enqueries regarding our collection and processing of personal data, a request can be submitted to and will be replied to as soon as possible and as required by law.

Please note that there are other regulations through law, restricting the removal of certain data, referring to accounting principles and cases of infringement or fraud. 

Personal data will be stored only to meet the purpose for which it was given to us unless other consent has been given for use of the same data for other purposes. In accordance with regulations and legislation, we will delete any data after its immediate purpose has been fulfilled or when it is no longer necessary to store.

Any information not required to be stored by law will be deleted upon request.

Who do we share your data with?

Secto Design will never sell personal data collected to a third party. Information may however be entrusted to third party sales representatives, agents and subcontractors with the explicit purpose of fulfilling any service request. The information shared will only be used for the purposes stated in this policy, or any other purpose with individual consent. Secto Design will only submit information outside of the EU area by the request of the individual, or to complete the agreement with the individual.

Third party providers of certain services such as website administrators have access to certain data, generally non-personal, on our behalf and as instructed by us.

All third party agents, representatives and subcontractors only process personal data as necessary to complete given tasks, in agreement and on behalf of Secto Design.

Secto Design will also submit any necessary information requested by government bodies in case of juridical purposes of e.g. fraud or infringement.

Location and transfer

Customer register and databases in control of Secto Design are located in the EU in a cloud environment. Information of the register is not transferred outside EU or ETA.

Security and access

Data collected through our website is registered over an SSL- or SSH-protected connection. Register data is stored in firewall-protected databases, which are located in our own dedicated virtual server. Personal data are processed only by predesignated persons. Processing of Register data requires a password and username, plus sufficient user rights. The Register is protected from outside access. Other registered data is stored securely according to their own separate requirements.

Other information on protection of personal data gathered trough Google Analytics can be found from Googles service information.

All necessary organisational and technical measures have been taken to protect personal data. Rights to manage the register data is limited at Secto Design. We only share personal data within our organization if and as far as necessary for the purposes specified in this Privacy Notice. Personal data provided to third-party users are also contractually bound to handle personal data in accordance with this privacy policy and legislation.

All persons processing personal data are bound to confidentiality. 

This Privacy Notice is updated May 8, 2023.


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