Materials & finishes

 Have a closer look at the premium birch wood and the deliberated finishes and details of the Secto Design lamps.

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Lamp shade finishes

Secto Design shades are made of certified, top-quality birch veneer that is form pressed into blanks. The blanks are cut into slats, which are sanded and finally connected using rings of thin plywood. The finishing options for the shades are untreated natural birch, white or black laminate or waxed walnut veneer. Other colours can be customised for projects at extra cost. 

Natural birch

White laminated

Black laminated

Walnut veneer

Metal parts

Steel stand – Owalo 7010

Steel stand – Petite 4620

Steel stand – Petite 4620

Aluminium case – Aspiro 8000

Steel stand – Secto 4220

Steel arm – Owalo 7030

Steel case – Petite 4600

Steel arm – Petite 4630

Steel arm – Petite 4630

Steel stand – Owalo 7020

Aluminium case – Atto 5000

Steel suspension arm – Varsi 1000

Steel wire – Owalo 7000

Steel stand – Secto 4210

Ceiling cups by Dezall

Standard ceiling cup

Round ceiling cup (Atto 5000, Owalo 7000, Aspiro 8000)

Pendant cables

Standard cable set for pendants by Dezall


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