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Secto 4230 wall lamp is available in natural birch
Secto 4230 wall lamp is available in white laminated
Secto 4230 wall lamp is available in black laminated
Secto 4230 wall lamp is available in walnut veneer

Secto 4230 wall lamp:
Uplight / downlight

This wall light can be placed facing either upwards or downwards. Enlivens plain hallways and creates an inspiring mood.


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Secto 4230 wall lamp

Secto 4230. Balcony, Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Uzi Varon.

Secto 4230. Private residence, Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Uzi Varon.

Secto 4230 birch. Lamps shot at Prami Growth Agency. Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Uzi Varon.

Secto 4230. Private Residence, Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Uzi Varon

Secto 4230 wall lamp is available in four colours: birch, walnut, black and white.
Secto 4230 wall lamp is 60 cm high and its diameter is 30 cm.

Secto 4230 wall lamp

Handmade of PEFC-certified form pressed birch in Finland by highly skilled craftsmen.

Finishing options

Natural birch White cable
White laminated White cable
Black laminated White cable
Walnut veneer White cable

Product details

Material Form pressed birch, structure painted steel back plate
Dimensions Height 23.6 in
Depth 3.5–7.1 in
Width 5.1–12.2 in
Weight 2.4 lb
Package 14.2 × 7.9 × 26.0 in, 4.4 lb
Light source E12 base, LED max 20 W. Bulbs are not included. The use of special bulbs such as halogen, mirror or 12 V bulbs in Secto Design lamps is prohibited, due to overheating.
Cable 7.9 ft, switch on the cable. Also available with direct wall mounting.
Classification Ingress Protection IP20, IEC Protection Class II, ETL/CETL listed
Installation Separate instructions on the website.
Maintenance Wipe dust regularly. To remove fresh stains wipe with a slightlymoist cloth.


NOTE: This wall light can be placed facing either upwards or downwards.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of strangulation the flexible wiring connected to this luminaire shall be effectively fixed to the wall if the wiring is within arm's reach.


The back plate of the Secto 4230 / Secto Small 4231 wall lamp is made of powder painted steel. The lamp base is attached to the back plate. The shade has wooden rails for the plate. The plate is fastened to the shade with a top screw.


Step 1Connect by using the screw nuts for each cable: live, neutral and earth.
Step 2 Screw the metal plate to the junction box in the wall. If you wish to hang the shade with an upwards opening, simply fasten the plate in the other direction.
Step 3Slide the wooden shade through the rails at the back of the shade and onto the wall plate. Tighten with the included screw.

Back plate details and measurements

The wall lamp can be installed with the cone part upwards or downwards. When the cone part is downwards the cable runs down between the plate and the wall.

Height6.1 in
Width 4.1 in

The standard version comes with a cable, a switch and a plug.

The wall mount version (by special order) can be mounted directly to the cables coming out of the wall socket by an electriciant. 

The back plate is screwed (screws not incl.) to the wall. The wooden shade is then slid onto the plate along the wooden rails which are on the long sides of the shade. Alternatively the wall lamp can be hung to a wall hook (not incl.) after the plate is attached to the shade.


Plate instructions

Hole 1To raise the lamp of the wall and a possible means to secure the fixture to the wall.
Hole 2 For securing the lamp to a wall socket.
Hole 3For hook suspension.
Hole 4For treading the wall mount version's cables through the plate. Screws and hooks for securing the fixture are not included.

Please note that the measurements are approximates as all the shades are unique.

Installing upwards: top edge to the hook suspension hole (3.)

Light distribution

Light distribution curve of Secto 4230. Light distribution is shown in two perpendicular vertical planes (C-planes). 

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