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Secto 4200 pendant lamp is available in natural birch
Secto 4200 pendant lamp is available in white laminated
Secto 4200 pendant lamp is available in black laminated
Secto 4200 pendant lamp is available in walnut veneer

Secto 4200 pendant lamp:
Classic innovation

The very first Secto pendant. An innovation and a modern classic that led to the birth of the Secto Design collection.


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Secto 4200 pendant lamp

Secto 4200. Restaurant De Kas, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Lights advised by Studio Rublek. Photo by Ellen Swaan

Secto 4200. Restaurant, Art Museum Gösta, Mänttä, Finland. Photo by Laura Vesa

Secto 4200. Cafe Picnic, Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Lasse Keltto

Secto 4200 pendant lamp is available in four colours: birch, walnut, black and white.
Secto 4200 pendant lamp is 60 cm high and its diameter is 30 cm.

Secto 4200 pendant lamp

Handmade of PEFC-certified form pressed birch in Finland by highly skilled craftsmen.

Finishing options

Shade CableCeiling cup
Natural birch WhiteWhite
White laminated WhiteWhite
Black laminated Black Black
Walnut veneer White White

Product details (ETL/CETL)

Material Form pressed birch
Dimensions Height 23.6 in
Diameter Ø 11.8 in
Weight 3.1 lb
Package 13.0 × 13.0 × 25.2 in, 5.3 lb
Voltage 120V 60Hz
Light source E26 (LED max. 22 W) or GU24 (LED max. 17 W). Bulbs are not included. The use of special bulbs such as halogen, mirror or 12 V bulbs in Secto Design lamps is prohibited, due to overheating. 
Cable 8 ft, textile cable, ceiling plug/connector, ceiling cup
Classification Ingress Protection IP20, IEC Protection Class II, ETL/CETL listed
Maintenance Wipe dust regularly. To remove fresh stains wipe with a slightly moist cloth.

Dezall lamptops

This Secto Design pendant uses the patented ceiling suspension by Dezall. Easy and quick to install, enables the ceiling cup to sit perfectly tightagainst the ceiling.

Step 1, 2, 3Fasten the cable into the screw at the desired hanging height.
Step 4Connect by using the screw nuts for each cable: live, neutral and earth.
Step 5Screw the metal ceiling plate to the junction box in the ceiling.
Step 6Hang the screw on the hook and wind the ceiling cup upwards until it sits tightly against the ceiling.

Standard ceiling cup

Height4.4 in / 4.7 in (with ring)
Outer upperØ 4.8 in / 5.2 in (with ring) 
Inner upperØ 4.6 in / 4.8 in (with ring)
Weight0.13 lb / 0.16 lb (with ring)
ColorWhite or black matt soft lacquer depending on the colour of the pendant.
InformationThe standard ceiling cup includes an additional ring, which enables leading the cable along the ceiling into the ceiling cup. The additional ring can also be used to cover a larger ceiling socket.

Any extra length of the cable can be swirled into the ceiling cup when altering the hanging height of the pendant.

Light distribution

Light distribution curve of Secto 4200. Since the luminaire is symmetric the light distribution curve is similar at every C-planes. 

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