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Owalo 7000 pendant is available in natural birch
Owalo 7000 pendant is available in white laminated
Owalo 7000 pendant is available in black laminated
Owalo 7000 pendant is available in walnut veneer

Owalo 7000 pendant lamp:
Tranquil balance

A horizontal pendant that lights up both meeting rooms and dining areas. Comes with the latest in LED technology. 


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Secto Design Owalo 7000 - Tranquil balance

Owalo 7000 pendant lamp

Owalo 7000. Hotel Valo & Work. Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Uzi Varon

Owalo 7000. Design Dock, Helsinki Design Week. Photo by Uzi Varon

Owalo 7000. Locker & Légere Hotelbetriebs, St. Ruprecht / Raab, Austria. Photo by Markus Kaiser

Owalo 7000. Actavis Baltics Office, Vilnius, Lithuania. Design by Arch. Ruta Bagdzeviciute. Photo by Dualhead

Secto Design Owalo 7000 pendant lamp is available in four colours: birch, walnut, black and white.
Secto Design Owalo 7000 pendant lamp is 13 cm high, 9 cm wide, and 100 cm long.

Owalo 7000 pendant

Handmade of PEFC-certified form pressed birch in Finland by highly skilled craftsmen. 

Finishing options

Shade Case CableCeiling cup
Natural birch White WhiteWhite
White laminated White WhiteWhite
Black laminated Black Black Black
Walnut veneer White White White

Product details (ETL / CETL)

Material Form pressed birch slats, fine textured  powder coated steel case, acrylic diffuser
Dimensions Height 5.1 in
Length 39.4 in
Width 3.5 in
Weight 6.8 lb
Package 46.9 × 8.7 × 7.1 in, 11.2 lb
Voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
Light source A built-in LED, 22 W, 2850 K, 2500 lm, CRI 85, dimmable only with built-in 3-step dimming. This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class D.
Cable 15 ft, textile cable, connector, ceiling cup, 2 steel wires
Classification Ingress Protection IP20, IEC Protection Class II, ETL/CETL listed
Installation Separate instructions on the website.
Maintenance Wipe dust regularly. To remove fresh stains wipe with a slightly moist cloth.


NOTE: Built-in step dimming. The lamp can be dimmed (to 70 %, 30 % and 15 %) by clicking the wall switch. 

WARNING: The cable or light source can only be replaced by the manufacturer or an authorized service agent.

Assemble the cable holder

Step 1Be sure to insert the wire into the holder at least far enough to be able to clearly see it protrude from the other end of the holder. When attaching the holder into concrete or stone, use a screw anchor.
Step 2Push the wire sleeve to free the wire lock.
Step 3Cut off the extra wire.
Step 4Wire exit angle may not exceed 10°.

Connect and adjust the balance

Step 5Hold the lampshade. Push the wire sleeve to lower it down. Push the wire sleeve to free the wire lock.
Step 6Hold the lampshade. Pull the wire to raise it up.
Step 7Cut off the extra wire.
Step 8Cable straightener: Adjust position and tighten the screw.

Dezall lamptops

This Secto Design pendant uses the patented ceiling suspension by Dezall. Easy and quick to install, enables the ceiling cup to sit perfectly tight against the ceiling.

Step 1Lock the cord in the upper part of the screw, start in the middle. Then insert it into the opening along the thread. Push it down into the bottom of the channel.
Step 2Insert the screw, plug and remaining cord through the cover from below. Also insert it through the ring if this is to be used.
Step 3Put the two matching bottom parts together, facing each other, around the cord between the cover and the lamp. Insert the assembled bottom part into the cover by fitting the “wings” into the slots inside the cover. Push it into the cover until fully seated.
Step 4Hang the screw on the ceiling hook and connect the plug.
Step 5Move the lamptop upwards towards the screw hanging on the hook. When the screw and the bottom parts’ “nut” have come in contact inside the cover, start screwing the cover clockwise until it reaches the ceiling.
Step 6The lamptop is now sitting straight to the ceiling.

Round ceiling cup 

Height3.1 in / 3.5 in (with ring)
Outer upperØ 4.6 in / 4.7 in (with ring) 
Inner upperØ 4.4 in / 4.6 in (with ring)
Weight0.13 lb / 0.16 lb (with ring)
ColorWhite or black matt soft lacquer depending on the colour of the pendant
InformationThe round ceiling cup includes an additional ring, which enables leading the cable along the ceiling into the ceiling cup. The additional ring can also be used to cover a larger ceiling socket.

Any extra length of the cable can be swirled into the ceiling cup when altering the hanging height of the pendant.

Light distribution

Light distribution curve of Owalo 7000. Light distribution is shown in two perpendicular vertical planes (C-planes).

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