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Product overview

Secto Design lamps are praised for their innovativeness. All the technical details in the Secto Design lamps are carefully considered.
The making of the Secto Design lamps requires preciseness and material knowledge.

Hand-made in Finland

Secto Design shades are made of PEFC certified, top-quality Finnish birch veneer that are formpressed into blanks. The blanks are cut into slats, which are sanded and finally connected using rings of thin plywood. The slats are glued and nailed to the rings. All Secto Design lamps undergo a thorough quality inspection before they are sent to their final destination.

The finishing options for the shades are untreated natural birch, white or black laminate or waxed walnut veneer. Other colours can be customised for projects at extra cost. The light distribution curves of the Secto Design lamps as well as further information on particular model can be found on the product pages.

Most Secto Design lamps use LED bulbs as a light source.

LED bulbs

Most Secto Design lamps use LED bulbs as a light source. The recommended color temperature is pure white, 3000 K (daylight being 4000 K). For security reasons at least 0.6 in space should be left between the bulb and the shade to allow air to circulate. If a dimmer is used, please check the compatibility of the dimmer with the light source. The use of special bulbs such as halogen, mirror or 12 V is forbidden due to overheating.

Secto Design does not provide light bulbs.

The playful Aspiro spiral lamp in a restaurant.

Built-in LED

The built-in LED is included in the Owalo 7000 pendant lamp. The current life span estimation of LED is approximately 15 000 hours. New built-in LED light sources with installation instructions can be ordered from Secto Design within a reasonable time.

The Secto Design LED lamps use high-quality LEDs. Secto Design reserves the right to replace the current LED components to similar or better ones due to the rapid development of LEDs and changes in supply.

It is recommended to use dimmers optimized for built-in LEDs.

The cable set by Dezall is especially customised for Secto Design.


The colour of the cable depends on the lamp model and the colour of the shade. The standard cable colours are listed in the product information of each model.

A ceiling cup, designed by Secto Design using the patented suspension system by Dezall, and a connector are included in the cable set of the pendant lamps. The Magnum and Owalo pendants are equipped with balancing steel wires. The wall lamps come with a cable and a switch or alternatively with a direct wall mount option. The cables of the table, floor, and wall lamps in the Owalo family have a transformer. The cables or any other parts used in Secto Design lamps should not be replaced for safety reasons. Secto Design is not responsible for any damages caused by modifications.

Please regularly ensure that the ring on the lamp holder which supports the wooden shade is tightly fastened.

Secto 4200, Restaurant, Art Museum Gösta. Mänttä, Finland. Photo by Laura Vesa.


Secto Design lamps are thoroughly tested. The models marked with “ETL/CETL” on are available with ETL/CETL cabling.

Secto Design Oy is liable for manufacturing flaws when notice is given within a reasonable time. As the lamps are handmade of birch wood please be aware that, as with every birch tree in the forest, every Secto Design lamp is unique too. Therefore e.g. knots are normal.

All the original Secto Design lamps manufactured since December 2017 are sealed with a hologram label.

DALI systems

All Secto Design lamps are attachable to DALI systems with a separate DALI-compatible trailing edge (phase cut off) type dimmer. Due to great variation in DALI systems, Secto Design does not supply DALI- dimmers. Please contact your local electrician.

When necessary the assembly and installation instructions are available for downloading on the product pages.

Installation and maintenance

When necessary the assembly and installation instructions are available for downloading on the product pages. Please note that the pendants should not be installed closer than 5.9 in from the ceiling in order to let air circulate. Secto Design lamps can not be installed above a stove, a washbasin or other sources of humidity.

For the maintenance of the wooden shades wipe dust regularly. To remove fresh stains wipe with a slightly moist cloth.


- Please check the product pages for detailed information.
- All given details are as precise as possible.
- The guarantee of the lamps does not cover the example bulbs.
- All original Secto Design lamps carry a hologram sticker.
- Secto Design Oy reserves the right to changes.

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