Tips & ideas  /  October 2021

Inspiration for stylish living room lighting

Living rooms are multi-purpose rooms where many tasks are performed that require different levels of lighting. A living room is a space for relaxation, but it is also a space that lots of people use for other purposes such as ironing and folding laundry or reading stories to their kids. When designing the lighting for a living room it is important to consider what the living room is used for and what different types of lighting will be needed. By combining various lamps for different purposes that still seamlessly work together, the whole space can be brought together as one and still be fully functional.

The Octo pendant lamp in birch, hanging over a coffee table.

Octo pendant lamp creates a relaxing atmosphere for a living room and is comfortable also in small spaces due to its lightness.

One of the main focal points in a living room is the seating area, commonly a combination of sofas and armchairs where families and friends can gather. Wooden pendant lamps can be hung in the center in a myriad of ways to create a cozy, warm ambience that sets the mood for the room. Secto Design pendant lamps can be hung in clusters at different heights and in different shapes to add a layer of interest to the space whilst, at the same time, adding subtle and warm lighting above a sofa table. A single pendant lamp can also be hung for a more Scandinavian, minimalistic look. If more direct light is a preference, the modern ceiling pendant light, Kuulto, works well in living rooms with lower ceilings. It lights up the room more vividly than the classic pendant models but still carries the same iconic look of Secto Design.

Two Teelo table lamps in birch on top of side tables on either side of a sofa.

Teelo table lamp is like a piece of art on a sidetable.

Living rooms are often spaces where people display their art pieces and other special features that they have gathered over the years. By adding accent lighting to the room, these important pieces can be highlighted. Secto Design wall lamps, with the choice to shine the beam upwards or downwards is a great way of doing that. The wooden floor lamps added to the side of a chest of drawers will also add a subtle layer of lighting to anything placed on or above the chest. Or why not incorporate lighting in an art piece and place the intriguing model, Teelo on it.

In the end, the choices with this classic collection are limitless and due to the timeless design of Secto Design lamps one can create several layers of lighting fulfilling all the needs of a well-designed and functional living room.