News & events  /  January 2019

New brand video is out!

We we happy to announce the release of the new Secto Design brand video filmed by Fredrik Bäckman at Room22. The video tells the journey of the Octo lamp from the factory to its new owners and describes the joy of bringing home an authentic Octo pendant

It is a fascinating project to decorate and make your home feel cozy and personal. The true feeling of home is built by carefully deliberating what to include in your everyday life. Your old beloved keepsakes carry stories you wish to remember. When you acquire something new, it should be something worth a place in your home, something special that lasts and delights for many years to come.

The timeless Secto Design lamps have been found worthy of a place in many homes worldwide. It is not only the beautiful form that makes the Secto Design lamps so appealing - they are also loved for their warm tone of northern birch and the carefully handcrafted, sophisticated details. When you look at anauthentic Secto Design lamp, it is obvious that it is made with love and care by master carpenters who enjoy their work. 

The seal of authenticity, a hologram label in the wooden shade ensures that the lamp is produced in an ecologically, ethically and socially sustainable way in a modern and safe Finnish factory complying with labour laws, taxation rules and EU standards. Choosing an authentic, sustainably manufactured design object has an impact on the well-being of people and the environment both near and far. By bringing home an original Secto Design lamp you create a warmer atmosphere in your nook.

Photo by Uzi varon