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A Seal of Authenticity

Copying is a matter of great importance for Secto Design. What delights us is to see more and more conversation around this subject world wide. We here at Secto Design want to do our best when it comes to serving our conscious clients. It's not always easy to tell the fake from the original, especially if the proportions are close to the real one. Often the material choices and details of the copied products are also similar to the original which causes even more confusion. This is why we have decided to add a special tag on our products, as a proof of it's authenticity.

This special tag is a hologram sticker, that has been created just for our products by Starcke. Once our authentic design lamp leaves the hands of the maker here in Finland, there will be a 20 x 10 mm sized hologram security seal added to the shade of it. It's a tamper evident seal, that shows this product has been made in Finland, of top-quality birch material, by a talented local carpenter, in a fair work environment, and that the electrical components are approved and safe to use. The hologram has a picture of our Secto pendant visible to the eye, as well as further more detailed information hidden to the layers of it. If removed, it will break. Thus the same hologram sticker can only be used once, on the original product. Hologram itself has been designed to be at the same time visually clear and visible and have overt and covert security features in it.

All original Secto Design lamps leaving from our factory from December 2017 onwards will be tagged with this unique hologram and therefore making it easy to identify the authentic product from the fake one.

We hope that by signing the original Secto Design products with this seal of authenticity we are not only serving our conscious clients but also taking a huge step in protecting and promoting authentic design.