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Simply Scandinavian - Nordic Design 1945-2018

Scandinavian design is easily recognized by many all around the world. The umbrella term Scandinavian design holds a distinctive image in many peoples minds, often associated with clear lines and simplicity. During summer 2018 there was a great opportunity in the Netherlands to learn more about the design of the Nordic countries gathered together from the post- Second World War period till the present day.

Exhibition Simply Scandinavian - Nordic Design 1945-2018 was designed by the studio Scholten & Baijings and offers the spectator an insight of the most known furniture, textiles and interior products from Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Secto Design is honoured to be part of the exhibition with Octo 4240 pendant.

Simply Scandinavian - Nordic Design 1945-2018 could be visited at Textiel Museum, Tilburg in the Netherlands. The exhibition was open till the 11th of November 2018