News & events  /  November 2017

Hotel Helka against design piracy

We are glad to see more and more conversation about copying arising here in Finland. Lately, a Finnish magazine Avotakka published a great piece concerning the issue. One of the oldest retailers of ours, Finnish Design Shop, also added their part to the conversation about the matter in their Design Stories (sorry currently available only in Finnish).

The latest statement to this important matter came from Hotel Helka. Helka offers accommodation in a design filled interior in the heart of Helsinki. Authentic design is a great importance for this hotel, where the Octo pendants welcome the international visitors in the reception area. The team at Helka is constantly getting comments about their harmonic and inspiring interiors and they feel it's their duty to invest in genuine design products. In their latest blog with the title "Helka against design piracy" they challenge every Finnish company to say "no" to design piracy. With their own example, they want to invite other Finnish companies to join the unified front against copying.

We would like to say a big thank you for Team Helka for standing side by side with us for the genuine design! Warms our heart to know we are not alone in this battle. With excitement we watch and see how great this movement becomes. Maybe it will also cross the Finnish borders! 

Photo by: Satu Mali.