Interior  /  December 2022

The harmonious interior of the Secto Design HQ

On the outskirts of Helsinki, in the small town of Kauniainen lies the head office of Secto Design.

The office building is of huge significance for the journey and development of our company. It was here that Tuula Jusélius, the founder, and architect Seppo Koho, the designer of all Secto Design lamps, met for the very first time in 1995. Back then, the building was Jusélius' private family home that since has had a major renovation to turn it into what it is today, a unique fully functional office and showroom.

From outside, one would not know that this house is the HQ to an international renowned company. It still looks like a family home, situated right next to nature with woodland areas all around. Employees can enjoy their breaks outside in the garden or take a walk on one of the many small paths in wooded areas right outside. Indeed, squirrels and birds enjoy the back terrace as much as the team, and often in unison.

Ceiling lamps above a seating area. Elongated pendant lamps above a kitchen island.

Each room is equipped with the most suitable lamps from the Secto Design collection.

However, as soon as you open the front door you are greeted with a rhythmic group of Kuulto ceiling lamps that look stunning against beautiful wooden knot-free panels. The rest of the hall is decorated in linen textile paneling and cupboards that match the ceiling. From there one can partially see the beginning of the display of the entire Secto Design collection.

Our office is not only a space for the employees to do their work, it is also the company’s showroom in Finland (by appointment only). The entire collection is presented on the lower level, perfectly showcasing how the timeless collection works seamlessly together in complete harmony. Each room is equipped with selected models to fulfill the lighting requirements in the space. The workstations and the kitchen island are lit with the Owalo pendants which fit perfectly above the tables thanks to their efficient illumination and elongated shape.

Two elongated pendant lamps above a large table.

The workstations are lit with the elongated Owalo pendant lamps.

In the meeting room, a vintage Alvar Aalto table is placed with three Atto pendant lamps hanging in a straight row above it. The Atto pendants not only emit a practical light but also add to the ambiance during longer meetings. The comfortable wood chairs in the room are designed by another great Scandinavian designer from the 50s, Norwegian Hans Brattrud.

Three pendant lamps above a long conference table.

The Atto pendants and other design classics create a harmonious ambiance in the meeting room.

In the winter the office, being a former family house, can easily become a cozy, relaxing space to work with sofas surrounding the fireplace on the upper landing. The solid wooden conference table next to the sofas is a reminder of the company’s earlier innovative furniture collection from the 90s, after which the company chose to focus solely on lighting. As a tribute to the birth of the Secto Design lighting collection this common space is only equipped with pendant, wall and floor lamps from the original Secto line.

A large hall with sofas, lamps and a fireplace. Three pendants above a stairway.

The stairs lit with the Kontro pendants lead to the grand upper hall furnished with sofas and a fireplace.

The high wooden ceilings create an airy atmosphere, filling the upper level with a feeling of grandeur. Perched above the stairs, one of the more recent models, the Kontro pendant lamp, hung in a cluster, provides practical and safe lighting for the stairs.

You can truly see Secto Design's principles of ecology shining through the choice of design in the office building with natural materials dominating the spaces. The lamps, made from certified local birch, give an uplifting warm light that is in total harmony with the natural light that floods in through the large windows. 

A close-up of a wall lamp. Two pendants above a conference table.

Wall lamps and pendants from the Secto line illuminate the common space upstairs.