Tips & ideas  /  May 2021

Brightening up covered patios and balconies

In the summer the patios and balconies become an important extension to our living spaces. Especially now, that we all have spent so much time at home, many of us are really looking forward to be able to make the most of the outdoor extensions of our homes after the cold and dark winter.

In the spring, it is inspiring to decorate the patios and balconies ready for the summer. The outdoor furniture is retrieved from the winter stock and flowers are arranged in pots and planting beds. It is also possible to add some extra cosiness to the covered patios and balconies with the selected Secto Design lamp models: Secto pendant lamp, Secto Small pendant lamp, Secto wall lamp, Secto Small wall lamp and Puncto pendant lamp.

A brick house with a glass porch on the left, a small river flows into a lake from the right through the garden.

A covered summer terrace is decorated with several Secto Design lamps.

This lovely summer terrace located in Southern Finland is decorated with several Secto lamps. The Secto Small wall lamps bring a warm touch on the beautiful old red brick walls where as the black laminated Secto pendant lamps hang in the glass pavilion surrounded by a stunning view to the lush garden. What an amazing setting for our birch lamps!

A covered patio with flowers and a chair in front of a brick wall. Two Secto Small wall lamps between black doors.

Secto Small wall lamps highlight the walls with their soft light and create an appealing atmosphere to a covered patio.

The beautiful summer days can also be enjoyed in more urban environments. The architectural Puncto pendant lamp is placed above a dining table where it gives its warm light making the family dinners in the fresh air even more inviting. Once summer turns towards autumn, what could be a better place for celebrating the traditional crayfish parties with the nearest and dearest than a warm patio or balcony that soaks in the soothing light of Secto Design lamps? 

A round table and four chairs on a balcony. The Puncto pendant lamp is hanging above. There are trees in the background.

Functional and stylish Puncto pendant lamp looks amazing on a covered balcony.

When placing the Secto Design lamps to a balcony or patio, it is essential to bear in mind the limitations: the space needs to be covered, as the lamps should not be exposed to rain nor excessive humidity.

* Please note, the outdoor use of the Secto Design fixtures is not compliant for the North American market.

Photo by Uzi Varon.