Interior  /  October 2023

Birch lamps illuminating Nordic Business Forum

Secto Design had the great honour of having our design lighting create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Nordic Business Forum 2023 event in Helsinki at the end of September. The annual Nordic Business Forum event is famous for getting together the best business speakers in the world and attracting visitors globally. So also this year, when thousands of business minded people gathered to be inspired, learn and share thoughts at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre.

It was a pleasure to see our lamps setting the scene for so many important business meetings and moments of inspirational discussion. The Octo pendants and groups consisting of the Magnum, Secto and Secto Small pendant lamps lit up the cosiest seating areas with their ambient light.

Two pendants at the entry. Pendants lamps above seating areas where people gather.

The Octo pendants welcomed visitors to the event, where people gathered together in the seating areas under the groups of the Secto, Secto Small and Magnum pendants.

Secto Design lamps are known for their harmonious light. As Nordic Business Forum wonderfully created different moods in different parts of the space, our Secto 4210 floor lamps combined with the Secto 4220 table lamps were a natural choice for the tranquil introverts lounge area. There, in the middle of the otherwise busy main hall, one could clearly see the calming effect of the warm and appealing light.

A floor lamp and a table lamp illuminating people discussing. Two women sitting by desks under wooden pendants.

Our lamps cast their harmonious light also in the more tranquil areas.

During the intensive two days at the Nordic Business Forum, visitors were introduced to Finnish tastes at the numerous bars, corner cafés and dining areas. Near the ever so busy food stalls, our Secto 4220 table lamps were lighting up the wooden tables covered in the wonderful produce of the cooks. Above a central bar, a creative mix of classic pendants from the Secto product line could be found in a round constellation. 

Table lamps on wooden tables. A lamp group above a bar.

The Secto 4220 table lamps created a cosy atmosphere for the diners, while the classic Secto, Secto Small and Magnum pendants were arranged together in a group, their inviting light illuminating the bar below.

Sustainability and responsibility are important values of the Nordic Business Forum organisation. This was clearly communicated throughout the event, not only by the selection of the themes and content on the main stage, but also by the ecological material and furniture choices. Impressive images of the Finnish forests and lakes were used as the speakers’ background on the main stage and creative props made from birch wood logs brought a piece of nature inside. Our ecological lamps, handmade from local certified birch, were a great fit with the event and its spirit.

A large photo of a sunset in the background. Three pendants in the forefront.

Warm light and stunning Finnish sceneries soothed the visitors.