News & events  /  October 2017

Welcoming wooden warmth at Restaurant Eevert

"To be honest, I have had a personal crush on these lamps for some time already", whispered Tarja Martiskainen, the founder of the newly opened Design Restaurant Eevert in the heart of Helsinki. "Getting to the point of choosing the lighting for Eevert, the decision was easy."

"Secto lamps are top notch what comes to their design, the choice of high quality local materials and the point they are made by hand here in Finland", explained Martiskainen when asked about the reason for selecting Secto lamps to light up the space. "The same appreciation of clearness and genuineness as well as the respect for local ingredients and craftsmanship go for both the food and drinks as well as for the furniture and lighting we have selected for the restaurant."

"I couldn't imagine a better welcome to our restaurant than the warmth the Octo lamps bring. The lamps are so inviting!", said Tarja Martiskainen sounding very pleased with the result.

The doors of Eevert opened on the 25th of October. Located in the trendy district of Punavuori in Helsinki, Eevert welcomes the gastronomes and design lovers to dine in the listed building designed by Alvar Aalto in 1952. Aalto had his office in this very same building and his touch can still be seen even in the interiors of the restaurant. Eevert offers an atmospheric meeting place for anyone interested in enjoying the sophisticated Scandinavian flavours surrounded by Finnish design. The harmonious interiors are designed in appreciation of Finnish design, choosing ecological products and combining old and new with a creative twist. The Secto Design lamps designed by Seppo Koho are in good company with works from Harri Koskinen, Lars Sonck, Yrjö Kukkapuro and Oiva Toikka to be seen at Eevert.