News & events  /  September 2016

Visit in the world of Secto

At the end of August we had the pleasure to welcome 11 of our European Representatives for a two day visit to the world of Secto. Together we explored the manufacturing process from beginning to end getting familiar with the various stages. From the sheets of birch being pressed into a form to the point the lights are ready to depart to their final destination somewhere around the globe. Our energetic group also got a chance to pop in to the work shop of Jari (pictured above), the man behind the grand Magnum pendants. Meeting the people of Secto, experiencing the making process stage by stage, getting hands-on with the nailing of the slats and discussing essential topics such as copies and the importance of quality, made the days together go quickly. We surely didn’t forget jumping into the river from a smoke sauna or having a good old crayfish party either! The time spent together here in Finland left us all full of inspiration and new energy for the coming autumn.