News & events  /  January 2018

The journey of Secto Design lamps

We were excited to announce the release of the first Secto Design brand video, filmed by Fredrik Bäckman at Room22.

The video tells a story of the original Secto Design lamps starting from their inspiration source, the Finnish birch woods. It will take you from the studio of the award-winning designer Seppo Koho to our factory Sectomo, where our talented craftsmen turn the innovative designs into beautiful lamps and ship them to their final destinations.

Secto Design shades are made of top-quality Finnish birch veneers that are form pressed into blanks. The blanks are then cut into slats, which are sanded with precision and care and finally assembled using rings of aircraft plywood. Even though modern tailor-made machinery has been installed to ease up the manufacturing process, our lamps are still handmade to ensure high quality of the final product. The original ideas of respecting Finnish nature and talented local artisans remain in the core of our business.

Our factory Sectomo is located in Heinola, in the middle of beautiful Finnish nature surrounded by forests and lakes. With the new models as well as increasing national and international demand Sectomo is today a busy fully functioning factory with more than twenty employees who assure the supply of Secto Design lamps in our global market.

With this video we are happy to present three interesting projects featuring Secto Design pendants: A popular lunch restaurant Citypie in Helsinki, Aalto University in Espoo and Serlachius Art Museum in Mänttä.

Have your cup of coffee or tea ready, sit back and enjoy the story of the Secto Design lamps.