News & events  /  September 2017

Production now in our own hands

Secto Design has bought the production of the Secto lamps. Now, the factory from whom the production was previously outsourced, is owned by Secto Design. The subsidiary of Secto Design, Sectomo, has been established! Sectomo will from now on take care of the majority of the production.

The work remains in the town of Heinola in Central Finland, and is still carried out mostly by the very same highly talented craftsmen and -women. Also the birch of the lamps comes from the same region and therefore the wood is transported only short distances. Hence, with this move, the commitment to the local production as well as the Finnish roots are strengthened even further.-

The more the company grows and the stronger the internalization is, the more important it isto be able to answer to the changes in demand and increase the performance of production, says the owner and founder of Secto Design Tuula Jusélius.

After having the production in own hands, also the quality controlwill become standardized. In addition, there will be improvements in the logistics, thanks to the new warehouse where all the orders will from now on be centralized and then shipped around the world.