Interior  /  February 2023

Lighting in perfect harmony with nature

Trees bending under the weight of heavy snow, the majestic slopes, and the Lapland twilight embracing the traveller. This is the magical landscape where you can find Villa Tykkyrinne, a unique and luxurious yet cozy rental holiday villa in Finnish Lapland. It is no coincidence that Villa Tykkyrinne was built in this exact spot within the beautiful Syöte National Park. As the story goes, the developer of Villa Tykkyrinne climbed to the top of a tree in search of the perfect view.

Design agency Ingman Design was responsible for the interior design and the material choices in Villa Tykkyrinne. As nature is constantly present through the large windows at every 206 m2 of Villa Tykkyrinne, the entire design was carefully planned to give the illusion of living within the landscape. According to interior designer Ulla Ingman, black was chosen for large surfaces in order to fade the interior and let the Lapland twilight in, creating the perfect ambience.

Pendant lamps above a table and floor lamp in front of a snowy view.

Lamps from the Secto line adapt perfectly to both the interior and the view outside.

While on the topic of creating ambience, we must talk about light and emphasise its importance. Villa Tykkyrinne’s large windows open up to a beautiful landscape and create a feel of space, but the decor and lighting are meant to create a relaxed, safe, and inviting atmosphere indoors. And these are the reasons why Secto Design was the only lighting option considered by Ulla Ingman. She had followed Secto Design’s designer Seppo Koho since his first lamp, the iconic Secto 4200 pendant came out in 1999, and immediately knew that the Secto product line would be the only appropriate choice for Villa Tykkyrinne.

And what makes Secto Design lamps the best choice for Villa Tykkyrinne? It is the way the lamps create harmonious light and how their design language both adapts to and emphasises the surroundings. For Ulla Ingman, the shape of the Secto lamps reminded her somewhat of a Laplander’s hut, making them perfect for a Lapland-based location. Also the wood construction of the Secto lamps creates a beautiful continuation of nature throughout the decor. The black laminated surface of the lamps matches the large black interior surfaces, and the soft light of the wood creates atmosphere and appeal. The architecturally intriguing Villa Tykkyrinne needed light fixtures that spoke the same design language to highlight the sleek lines of the building, but at the same time the lighting had to be as soft as possible and not too bright.

Wall lamps above a large bed and a snowy view from the window.

Secto Small 4231 wall lamps give a soothing light upwards in the master bedroom.

There are pendant lamps, wall lamps, and floor lamps from the classic Secto line in Villa Tykkyrinne. This ensures a consistent design language and an interesting overall design. The bedroom needed an especially inviting and serene light. The Secto 4231 wall lamp’s versatility was key here, as the lamp was pointed upwards to let the light filter through beautifully. For the dining area, a set of Secto 4200 and Secto Small 4201 pendant lamps was chosen to create the perfect mood for lovely long dinners. In the living room, the Secto 4210 floor lamp doesn't only make a statement but also creates a soothing ambience.

Villa Tykkyrinne shows that lighting is not simply an interior design element but a source of atmosphere that ties its surroundings together, creating the desired feeling of harmony and cohesion.

Three pendant lamps in front of a blue, snowy scenery outside the window.

The blue hour and the heavy snow outside enhances the warm appeal of the Secto lamps.