Tips & ideas  /  June 2022

Creative lighting in corridors and hallways

When designing a home or commercial area, many people focus on the design of the main spaces, and corridors and hallways get designed as an afterthought. These “in-between” areas can, however, be wonderful spaces when designed thoughtfully. Secto Design identified a need for lamps in these spaces and attentive design and development has brought forth models perfectly adapted for such spaces.

For example, hallways are the first part of a home people see. They set the scene for the rest of the house and can create great first impressions. With the right illumination, the space can become cozy, welcoming and functional. It is quite common to have a chest of drawers or a side table in hallways and the table lamp models can easily be placed upon them to add ambient lighting to the room. If the space is too small for a desk lamp, a floor lamp also works wonders.

Wall lamps in a corridor.

The Secto and Secto Small wall lamps can be installed either upwards or downwards.

Corridors can become interesting, enjoyable spaces to walk through when designed well. Adding soft, ambient lighting to them really lifts them to another level. Wall lamps in corridors are a great way of doing that and with the Secto and Secto Small wall lamps one can choose to shine the beam either upwards or downwards. Not only does the space become more inviting but it also has a functional aspect, especially if nightly visits to the bathroom are a necessity. The wall lamps are specifically designed to fit within the dimensional restrictions for wall lamps in public spaces. Another option to light up the walls in corridors is to place the ceiling lamp Kuulto or Kuulto Small (not available in North America) on the walls. This model also works well on its own or with several lined up in a row. If the corridor is a bit wider why not make the space more interesting by placing wooden floor lamps in a row along one side of the corridor.

Hallways can often be interconnected with corridors and having a continuous theme throughout these spaces increases the flow and connectivity of the design as a whole. With a number of different models in the Secto Design collection it is easy to pick out favorite shapes and colors and mix and match them according to personal preferences.

Ceiling lamps in a corridor.

The Kuulto (not available in North America) ceiling lamps can also be installed on the walls.