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Secto Design at Design Werck Copenhagen

At the beginning of June it was time to celebrate the annual event for lifestyle and interior design in Copenhagen: 3 Days of Design. The venue for the event was Design Werck - a great gathering point for selected Nordic design. During the three days the visitors got to experience the best of the Nordic design as well as have a little taste of Scandinavia!

We were happy to show the best of Finnish design together with nearly twenty other exciting companies from Finland: Feather, Lumokids, Bonden, Plantui, Magisso, Lovi, Finarte, Pelago, Myssyfarmi, Gedigo, Pisa Design, Lango Home, Nord T, Aarikka, Teemu Järvi, Nikari and Kasperi.

Thanks for all who came to see us! 

June, 2017