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Use of the image gallery is subject to registration of name, company and email address as well as accepting the terms and conditions. Secto Design Oy (Secto Design) reserves the right to save and use the information provided by the user in accordance with current legislation, for its own operations to prevent the misuse of its images and other materials.

More detailed information regarding the collection of data found in our privacy notice/policy.

The image gallery includes materials protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights in which Secto Design has the right to use. Secto Design owns and controls all the intellectual property rights of the designs of its products and related material such as photos and drawings. All use of Secto Design’s intellectual property rights without written permission is strictly prohibited. Secto Design takes the protection of intellectual property rights very seriously. If Secto Design’s intellectual property rights have been used without permission legal proceedings might be brought against the interfering party by seeking monetary damages and/or an injunction to stop infringing the rights. Legal cost payments may result.

The user of Secto Design’s image gallery shall take all necessary steps to prevent the unauthorized use of materials in the image gallery. The user does not have the right to claim ownership or distribute the images. The user is responsible for the image gallery materials used. Secto Design shall not be held liable for any damages caused by the use of the images.

The materials in the image gallery are only intended for use in publications related to Secto Design’s products. The caption, credits or body of any article in which the images are used must include an attribution to “Secto Design”. The whole credit (incl. for e.g. the location, designer and photographer) must be included in the interior images.

The images in the image gallery may be downloaded and used exclusively for the following purposes:

  • Press: for use as images accompanying articles
  • Secto Design’s retailers: advertisements, references and brochures
  • Secto Design’s representatives: advertisements, references and brochures
  • Designers: proposals and descriptions prepared for clients
  • Other users: referential purposes, reports, reviews, research papers, personal image collections, school projects.

The user is required to send a draft to Secto Design for review prior to publication when and where images from the image gallery are used in advertisements or brochures.

The images may not be edited or modified, with the exception of cropping and minor colour adjustments required for printing. The user shall ensure that the images are only used in publications with good print quality. The images may not be used for any purpose that is in breach of the law or good practice or damaging to any company, person or brand.

Secto Design Oy reserves the right to modify the image gallery and its contents, availability, terms of use and technical implementation without prior notification at any time. Misuse of the image gallery may result in legal consequences. 

Any disputes arising from these terms of use shall be resolved under Finnish law.

More information:

CEO: Emma Frenzel
Secto Design Oy

Kauppalantie 12
02700 Kauniainen, Finland
tel. +358 9 505 0598


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