News & events  /  January 2023

Secto Design invests in bio-based packaging production

Secto Design has made a significant investment in Finnish start-up company Woamy. Woamy is a Aalto University spin-out startup which brings to the market a novel ecological cellulose-based foam material to replace the unsustainable plastic foams .

”Woamy's mission is fully in line with our own one. Woamy's passion is to make the foam industry sustainable. We as a manufacturer of sustainable design lights want to invest in responsible inventions for a better future - from the actual products all the way to the packaging", states Joakim Jusélius, Board Member of Secto Design. "This brings great opportunities to our own production, where we are driven to eliminate the last remaining trace of plastic still left in our packaging materials. Innovations like this are key to progression and we look forward to this exciting journey with Woamy."

The ecological solution by Woamy to replace plastic foams has been inspired by nature and driven by a decade of scientific research. The material is fully bio-based, biodegradable and recyclable. The material is scalable and adjustable to consumer needs. In addition it is also lightweight yet super strong, as well as entirely toxic-free. The team behind Woamy continuously seeks innovative ways of exploring cellulose-based foams as suitable alternatives to replace plastic in various applications ranging from protective packaging to shoe insoles as well as building insulation.

With the investment in Woamy, Secto Design continues to support fellow Finnish companies addressing the environmental challenges. In 2020 Secto Design invested in Paptic Ltd, a producer of packaging material made of renewable wood fibres that aims at substituting plastic in packaging.