Tips & ideas  /  December 2021

Scandinavian bedroom lighting

For many people, the bedroom signifies a place for relaxation, a place for sleeping, a place for romance, a place for privacy. The bedroom is, for many reasons, one of the most important spaces in a house. It should be a space that feels soothing and warm, a space that one wants to retreat to after a long day. A well-designed bedroom has a bigger effect on our lives than we probably are aware of.

A bedroom with a bed, pillows and table lamps on the nightstands.

The most classic option is to place Owalo, Secto, Teelo (not available in North America) or Petite table lamps on the nightstands. 

When it comes to the design of the lighting in a bedroom one must consider the different tasks that are performed in the space. Mostly it circles around the subject of relaxation and rest, but one might also have to perform other tasks such as getting dressed or cleaning the room. By combining different sources of lighting in the bedroom one can create a space of absolute harmony and warmth that, at the same time, is fully functional for more light-demanding tasks.

A bed is usually the centrepiece in a bedroom, commonly placed against a wall with nightstands on the side. Secto Design wall lamps are a great option to place on either side of a bed. They not only contribute to the design in the room but are also a good choice if one wants to free up some space on the nightstand.

If one wants to add depth to the space a great way to do it is by placing mirrors above both nightstands and adding wooden table lamps on them. This really creates a huge wow-effect and adds function at the same time.

A pendant lamp besides a bed.

Pendant lights can also be hung above nightstands, for example the iconic Secto lamps, for more focused light beams on the nightstand itself.

All the above options allow for subtle warm lighting that provides enough light to see but still be able to fully relax.

If one has an armchair in the bedroom, it can really elevate the feeling of the space by placing a floor lamp next to it. Imagine nestling down in the chair with a cosy blanket and reading a really good book!

Floor lamps placed on the both sides of a canopy bed.

The Owalo floor lamps (not available in North America) are an innovative and elegant option to bedside lamps.

Even though rest and relaxation are the top priority in a bedroom, sometimes, as mentioned above, it is necessary to conduct tasks that require more lighting. A ceiling fixture is beneficial in the bedroom and can easily be combined with other lamps to bring the whole space together. The model Kuulto (not available in North America) looks great in bedrooms and works well above beds as it does not require hanging space. If the option is there, it is useful to install dimmers so one can easily change the amount of lighting in the room.

The use of natural materials has also been shown to enhance the feeling of peace and calm, making Secto Design lamps a great choice for the bedroom. The wooden birch slats of Secto Design lamps are a perfect way to use natural materials that contribute to our well-being!