Tips & ideas  /  October 2022

Pendant lighting for high ceilings

High ceilings are a fantastic feature to have in large, spacious rooms. The added height creates an airy and open atmosphere that instills a sense of greatness into the space. It also, naturally, makes the spaces look even bigger. Whilst this is most definitely an eye-stopping feature to have, there is also a risk that the space can seem rather cold and uninviting. That is why the lighting scheme in high ceiling spaces is essential to a successful design that feels warm and welcoming. High ceilings allow for some playfulness and creativity when it comes to designing the lighting scheme by taking advantage of the height and also the other surfaces in the space. Now, most spaces with high ceilings tend to have larger windows too. The amount of natural light flooding into these spaces can be used as a guideline to set the artificial lighting scheme. The sunlight will enhance and brighten the space during daytime and the artificial lighting will add warmth and ambiance in the evenings.

Lamp groups above tables in spacious interiors.

A group of pendant lamps fills the high empty space making the interiors more cosy. Images from Hotel Tegernsee and Aalto University.

Firstly, when one thinks of a space with high ceilings, what comes to mind? Yes, huge pendant lamps! One can really go big and bold with pendant lamps in such a space. Huge pendants, such as the Magnum pendant lamp, will look stunning hung from a high ceiling. These pendants add grandeur to any space whilst subtle, warm lighting shines through the wooden slats, making sure that the room feels cozy at the same time.

A living room with a high ceiling and a high entrance hall lit with large pendant lamps.

The Magnum pendant lamp makes an impression both in this Finnish home and at the entrance of the VPK Packaging headquarters in Belgium.

If one looks beyond the ceilings themselves and considers the other surfaces in the room there are many options to add other layers of lighting to the space. Use the pendant lamps as a main focal point in the space and then add other layers of lighting such as floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps, which can easily be placed in such spaces. Additionally, the Varsi suspension arm is specifically designed to place a pendant lamp at a lower level where the arm is attached to the wall itself. This allows for flexibility to install pendants at any wished height. The Varsi suspension arm is also useful if the ceilings are simply too high, purely made out of window glass or decorated with murals and there is no option to add pendants directly from the ceiling itself.

Pendant lamps hanging from suspension arms above a seating area.

The Varsi suspension arm is a practical solution for halls and atriums. 

All of Secto Design pendant lamps are designed to blend seamlessly together when models are mixed and matched which is a popular solution for high ceilings. By hanging the lamps in clusters at different levels the room starts to feel less vast and becomes an interesting eye-catcher at the same time. Secto Design offers different cable lengths for the pendant lamps so it is simple to install at different heights. If one prefers symmetry then placing them in long rows will also look spectacular.

When installing a lighting scheme in a space with high ceilings make sure to, if possible, install a dimming system as this creates the opportunity to adjust the mood and ambiance.

The seamless collection from Secto Design offers lamps for all surfaces providing numerous options to create a continuous feel to the space. However, due to their timeless, classic feel they are also extremely versatile if the space is mixed with different design elements. The choice is yours!