Tips & ideas  /  March 2022

How to create an inviting lobby using iconic lamps

When visitors steps into a lobby, it is important to set a high level of satisfaction. It is the lobby that gives the first impression and influences how welcomed visitors feel and what their overall level of satisfaction will be from then on. The interior design of a lobby is, therefore, critical for any business, hotel and office.

Lobbies are not just waiting rooms or transit points, they are spaces for casual work meetings, individual workstations, hang out areas and more. Lobbies can also often be interconnected with lounge areas where drinks and snacks are served. So, when considering the interior design of these spaces, it is vital to design the space so that it meets all the possible needs and requirements of the guests.

A hotel lobby with Octo lamps. A large window to the garden.

The lobby of the Fürstenfelder Hotel makes a stunning impression on the visitors.

The main reception desk is a perfect place to hang designer pendant lamps in a long row, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the visitors. At the same time, the lamps provide natural and subtle lighting for the staff whilst they work. Maybe a few wooden table lamps added on the top of the reception desk can create another layer of depth to the lighting design.

Seating areas are some of the main features to consider when it comes to the lighting design of the space. Lamps are the easiest way to add warmth and coziness to a space so by hanging, either individual or cluster groups, of pendant lamps above each seating group the space immediately becomes more inviting. To meet the need of business gatherings, floor lamps spaced around the seating groups provides more direct lighting and can easily be turned and adjusted as needed.

If a lounge has a bar, the pendant lamps can, yet again, be hung in a symmetrical row above the bar to create a seamless continuity throughout the space. Designer wall lamps along the walls provide the accent lighting that really lifts the ambience of the room to another level.

Lighting design is also one of the easiest ways to update an old, worn-out space. By simply replacing the lamps with new Scandinavian design lamps the whole atmosphere can change.

Secto Design has been a long-standing player in the interior design industry and the iconic, Scandinavian lamps are showcased around the world in many hotels, offices and various public interiors. The wooden lampshades, which are the true essence of Secto Design are well-known for their versatility and ability to fit with many different interior designs.

A group of pendant lamps in a lobby.

Secto Design lamp groups add warmth and coziness to lobbies.