Interior  /  January 2021

Exotic hotel experience in the North

In Swedish Lapland, near the small town of Harads, lies the floating spa hotel Arctic Bath. It is a mix of silence, remoteness, exoticism and extreme coldness, accompanied by tastefully designed boutique hotel and a luxurious restaurant.

The round main house where the reception, spa and the restaurant are located has been inspired by timber rafting. It floats beautifully in the Lule River and the round shapes of the building fit perfectly to the surrounding nature. This is where one can admire midnight sun during nightless summer nights and get a refreshing dip in a hole in the ice during the brisk winter days. Arctic Bath is committed to make environmental friendly choices and is also engaging it’s guests to leave minimal environmental footprint behind.

A living room with light furniture and wooden walls. There is the Secto floor lamp next to a large window to the right.

Each room has been thoughtfully designed using sustainable materials. Photo by Anders Blomqvist. 

There are altogether 12 hotel rooms at Arctic Bath. Six of them float in the river as small cabins with their own footbridge accesses. The other six are larger cabins located on the solid ground. The larger cabins’ glass walls offer spectacular views to the surrounding landscape. The stunning buildings have been designed by architects Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi. Local materials have been used in the constructing.

All the rooms soak in luxurious feeling, aiming at maximum comfort and wellbeing of the guest. All the materials have been carefully chosen by the interior designer AnnKathrin Lundqvist. One of the most essential guidelines in the design process was to use products that are sustainable and carry a rich history. By choosing natural materials the interiors blend into the surrounding landscape smoothly through the glass walls. Material choices include wood, stone, leather and top-notch textiles.

An outside-view of a cabin and frosty landscape. Secto pendant lamps shine through the windows.

The Secto lamps peek through the glass walls inviting inside the cabin. Photo by Anders Blomqvist. 

The Secto floor lamps in black finish bring wooden warmth and calming light to the stylishly decorated rooms. When looking at the cabins from the shore one can see a reflection of the surrounding nature from the window, with the attracting light of the Secto Design lamps shining from the inside welcoming in to the cabin.

The interior designer AnnKathrin Lundqvist comments on the selection of Secto Design lights: “We are very excited and we love the Secto Design lighting in this project, it really fits perfectly!”