Interior  /  October 2020

Autumn arriving in Helsinki

Finland is a country covered in trees. There are birch trees everywhere: both in forests and in towns. The most common deciduous tree in Finland is birch. They were exactly birches, that were the first trees to dominate the Finnish landscape after the last glacial period. For it, we can thank their remarkable tolerance towards challenging circumstances! Nowadays, a typical scene here in Finland from the south coast up to Lapland are the white trunks of birch trees.

In order to save energy during the dark and cold winter, birch sheds the leaves before the winter arrives. Around October, the green leaves get their autumn gown turning yellow, eventually falling down in the stormy autumn weather. The rustle of the fallen leaves is a common sound on the alleys of Helsinki, when the busy people living in the capital of Finland rush to their daily tasks and meetings around the center.

Two Petite table lamps in front of a window. A view of Helsinki in the background.

Petite floor lights (not available in North America) with the autumnal Helsinki at the back. Photo by Teemu Reunila.

To capture this amazing change of seasons, we wanted to create our official Autumn video. We were glad to have a chance to partner up with Clarion Helsinki, a modern high-rise hotel with harbour views in Finland's capital. Clarion Helsinki provided us with a wonderful scene through their convenient meeting rooms and spacious lobby for exactly the kind of a feeling we wanted to create on our video. What would have worked better than a hotel voted as Finland's leading Business Hotel 2019 at World Travel Awards!

A man standing in an elevator with open doors. The Owalo floor lamp is placed against a wooden wall.

Owalo floor light (not available in North America) guiding the guests to the lifts. Photo by Teemu Reunila. 

Through our autumn video the viewer gets to join an important business meeting at Clarion Hotel Helsinki. An attentive viewer spots our Owalo floor lights (not available in North America) showing the way to the lifts. In addition, our Petite floor lamps (not available in North America) are bringing soothing light to this stylish hotel that provides a meeting point for both locals and visitors. The Petite floor lights, seen on the meeting room scene, have a rotating shade so the light can be pointed to the direction where it is needed the most. The height of the lamp has been carefully designed the way that it accompanies a person sitting on for instance armchair in the best possible way.

A monitor showing the background: a man and a woman sitting at a small table. Floor lamps and Helsinki in the background.

Clarion Helsinki acted as a wonderful scene for our Autumn video. Photo by Teemu Reunila. 

We would like to use this opportunity to thank Clarion Hotel Helsinki for the fun and fruitful co-operation and give our warmest recommendation to our readers to visit this versatile marine hotel located in the heart of Jätkäsaari, Helsinki!

"When the season changes, birch trees dress up in their colourful autumn gowns. A great time for new bright encounters and fresh starts! Once the strong winds begin to blow the leaves fall and the birch starts saving energy for the winter ahead."

Enjoy our Autumn video!