Secto Design is a Finnish family owned company specializing in hand-made design lamps from top quality PEFC certified local birch. All Secto Design lamps are sustainably and ecologically manufactured by highly talented cabinetmakers in the factory in Heinola, Finland.
A man leans against a long conference table, lit by three pendant lights. White curtains in the background.

The award-winning architect Seppo Koho has designed all the iconic Secto Design lamps. He is inspired by northern birch wood and traditional woodworking techniques.

Beloved lighting collection

The iconic lamps are appreciated for their Scandinavian design and well-known for their versatility and ability to fit in many different interiors and styles. All Secto Design lamps use modern LED technology.

The conical Secto 4200 that came out in 1999, is the backbone of the beloved lighting collection. Since then, the lighting range has been carefully grown into a classic collection that today consists of 29 models that share the same unique visual language. The entire collection is designed by the award-winning architect Seppo Koho.

The wooden warmth of the design lights suits a variety of tastes. Their clear yet interesting architectonic forms are appreciated by private clients and professionals. The Secto Design lamps are exported to over 80 countries worldwide

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