Interior  /  November 2022

Secto Design at the Finnish Embassy in London

One of the highlights from the past autumn was being part of a unique project, the Finnish Design Embassy, a one-year project specifically curated to support Finnish companies to further expand and promote their products on an international level.

Secto Design has always had the ambition to take a little piece of Finnish design out into the world and this project was, of course, a brilliant opportunity for us to continue our mission to do so.

A woman taking a photo of a painting, a sideboard and floor and table lamps.

Our part in the project took place in London at the Finnish ambassador’s private residence in Kensington Palace Gardens. We had the honour of being hosted by the ambassador himself for a special dinner with our guests. It was a perfectly wonderful setting for us to showcase our products to a carefully selected handful of London based interior designers.

Two men examining a wooden lamp shade. More people in the background.

During the welcome reception, the guests admired our lamps, placed around the residence, truly showcasing the versatility of our Scandinavian design lamp collection and how well they work in more traditional interiors. Before we sat down for a lovely dinner, Joakim Jusélius, co-owner of the company, presented Secto Design. In his speech he articulated how our core values guide our actions and our production: “I’m proud to say we are still a small family-owned business, each lamp made by hand by our master craftspeople. And that, when we produce our lamps, we do so responsibly. When we do business, we do so honestly. And when trends come, and go, we remain timeless and true to ourselves.” 

Our designer, architect Seppo Koho, responsible for the design of our entire collection, could unfortunately not attend himself. However, we were fortunate to have designer Ilkka Suppanen with us. He presented Seppo Koho to the guests and explained the philosophy behind his designs and gave valuable insight and a new perspective into Seppo Koho’s work.

Two floor lamps beside a garden door. Dining room view through an open door.

It was a truly wonderful and fun evening where new relationships were formed and Secto Design is sincerely proud to have been part of this project, promoting Finland as a country of innovation and unique, sustainable design.

We would like to express our gratitude to the ambassador, Jukka Siukosaari for hosting this joyous event and of course Päivi Balomenos, Kaisa Laine and Ilkka Suppanen from the Finnish Design Embassy for organizing such a great project!

Lit table and floor lamps in a traditionally decorated room.