Images and videos

Inspiring interior images, references, product photos and videos of Secto Design lamps from around the world.


Download Leaflet 2023-2024
Overview of Secto Design products in compact format

Download Catalogue 2023-2024
Full catalogue of Secto Design products with all the details 


Logos for print materials
Download all logo print versions (PDF, Adobe Illustrator) in CMYK colors

Logos for screen use
Download all logo screen versions (JPG, PNG etc.) in RGB colors

EU energy labels (EEL)

Download EEL package: The built-in LEDs
Aspiro 8000, Atto 5000, Owalo 7000, Owalo 7010, Owalo 7020, Owalo 7030, Kuulto 9100, Kuulto Small 9101.

Download EEL package: The example bulbs
Secto 4200, Secto Small 4201, Magnum 4202, Puncto 4203, Secto 4210, Secto 4220, Secto 4230, Secto Small 4231, Secto 4236, Secto Small 4237, Kontro 6000, Petite 4600, Petite 4610, Petite 4620, Petite 4630