Besides being beautiful, Secto Design lamps are also ethical and ecological. Please acquaint yourself with our values, production and impact on society.


Secto Design is committed to socially, economically and environmentally responsible production in Finland.


Secto Design appreciates the mutual longstanding trust relationship with its customers, retailers and other stakeholders.


Secto Design is dedicated to continuous high-quality development of design, production and customer service.

A satellite image of Finland. Sweden, Estonia and parts of Norway, Russia are also visible.

Roots firmly in Finland

In an era where even the oldest Finnish companies move their production to low-cost countries, Secto Design has decided to stay and expand its production in Finland. The profits would undoubtedly be higher somewhere else, but for Secto Design, manufacturing lamps in the small town of Heinola is a matter of values. With export to over 80 countries Secto Design is an inspiring example of an international business having its roots firmly in a small far-away country.

Secto Designs factory from the front with some trees, grass and small bushes in the foreground.

Impact on the community

Secto Design’s decision to establish the Sectomo factory in Heinola, a shrinking town with high unemployment has had a considerable positive impact on the area both socially and economically. Sectomo’s 40 employees form a diverse group of professionals of different ages, genders and backgrounds. For them, finding work close to home has made staying in the town possible. In addition to its own personnel, the factory in Heinola utilizes a wide network of local suppliers and subcontractors making Sectomo’s economic impact significant also on a larger scale.

A hand holding a nailing machine. The slats are nailed to the ring.

Workplace safety

Sectomo is a modern factory adhering to the Finnish labour regulations and related EU standards. The safety and wellbeing of the workers are paramount. The premises are equipped with fire extinguishers and first aid kits and the escape routes are clearly marked, all in accordance with the company safety plan. At Sectomo all carpenters have completed comprehensive fire safety and first aid training.

Although Secto Design lamps are mostly handmade, some parts of the manufacturing process require the utilisation of circular saws, planers, wide belt sanders and spindle moulders. The machinery is inspected, certified and maintained regularly and new carpenters are thoroughly trained in their use. All machines are provided with operating and safety instructions and the use of protective equipment such as earmuffs is supervised. The air humidity of the factory is adjusted so that the saw dust falls down keeping the breathing air fresh for the carpenters.

Factory work is demanding even at the best of times. At Sectomo, the employees’ physical wellbeing is carefully monitored, and the employer offers both a free gym and free physiotherapy for the personnel. Workstations at the factory are individually adjusted for each carpenter and the lighting is designed to accommodate the detailed work they do. All employees working for Secto Design and Sectomo are insured and provided with health care paid for by the employer.

A female factory employee holding and examining an Octo pendant lamp.


At Sectomo, the employees are regarded as the best experts at their own work. The employees are encouraged to develop their own working methods and work environment. Suggestions are actively sought from the employees in order to further improve the working conditions.

As for partners, Secto Design only uses suppliers and subcontractors who can prove that their working conditions comply with national legislation and the high ethical standards of the company.

Maintaining competency

Secto Design views its employees as its greatest assets: the high quality of the Secto Design lamps and the customer service provided by the head office all stem from the efforts of the competent personnel.

Secto Design provides continuous professional development of its personnel. In order to maintain and improve the employees’ high level of expertise, Secto Design provides training opportunities both for carpenters and office personnel. The employees are also encouraged to take initiative and suggest new and interesting courses.

A hand sanding the top of a wooden lampshade.

Safe products with high quality

Product safety, ease of use and high-quality handcraft are of great importance to Secto Design. All Secto Design products are CE marked and comply with the Declaration of Conformity. Likewise North American models comply with the C/ETL mark. Each product is labelled with an official rating plate.

The shades’ form pressed birch has been tested for fire resistance. Electrical parts are inspected by a certified electrician in Sectomo’s on-site test laboratory and all products with built-in LEDs are both assembled and tested by Sectomo.

A female factory employee holding a Victo pendant lamp.


Secto Design lamps are ready to use after attaching a country specific plug or connector. A few models require some assembly. All models come with an instruction manual and for the models that require assembly each step is clearly illustrated in the instruction manual.

The Secto Design shades are well known for their workmanship and beautiful details. Wood, being a natural material, means small variations are normal. The factory has established a list of parameters to distinct normal variation from sporadic defects. To ensure the highest quality all products are inspected 8-10 times during the manufacturing process.

A collection of lampstands with packed cables.

Environmental responsibility

Sustainable and ecological design has always been the foundation of the Secto Design lamps. Secto Design champions the use of LED technology and recommends the use of LED bulbs for better luminosity and lower energy consumption. The packaging, custom designed for each lamp model, is made of locally produced ecological cardboard. The use of plastics has been reduced to the minimum and alternative, more ecological materials are constantly being introduced.

The PEFC certified birch used for the shades is grown in Central Finland which makes for short transports. In production, every piece of the precious birch is precisely utilised. Recycling and waste sorting are prioritised throughout the whole manufacturing process and all wooden waste is delivered to a waste-to-energy power plant. For heating the premises Secto Design uses both geothermal and gas.

A close-up of birch bark in summer. A Finnish forest in the background.


As a manufacturer of electric goods, Secto Design is responsible for the recycling and waste management of its products. The obligations of the European Union's WEEE Directive are fulfilled together with WEEE Europe AG and the SELT Association. As for recycling of the packages Secto Design manages its obligations in collaboration with Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI LTD

Global charity

Every Christmas Secto Design donates to charity. The employees suggest and discuss possible recipients and the decisions are made by voting. During the past years Secto Design has donated to the Malala Fund, the Women’s Bank, the Scouts and Save the Children. Secto Design also sponsors a child in Nepal through Plan International.

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