TIPS & IDEAS  /  September 2020

Timeless wood design in Wabi-Sabi

The interior cosmos is constantly in motion. From slow living to hygge, we have noticed a need for a return towards more simple and accustomed life for several seasons now. People focus more on the positive attitude towards life and more and more often determine the rhythm of their lives in harmony with nature. We simply see this as the modern view on luxury. This creates completely new approaches, especially in the word of interiors but of course also in the lighting segment.

We had been looking for a new lamp for our bedroom for several months. Our vision was very clear: our new lamp should be nice to look at, but also follow the rules of simplicity! We wanted a light that would be unique and timeless. Exactly what makes the Wabi-Sabi trend so special and relevant! Wabi-Sabi is much more than just an aesthetic interior trend. You can see it more as the philosophy of Zen. It also includes seeing the beautiful in the imperfect and the strive for purity. Simplicity is becoming the new ideal in design!

Wabi-Sabi follows the philosophy of Zen.

Our Octo 4241 from Secto Design

The lamp is handcrafted from Finnish birch wood, which makes each individual lamp unique. The Secto Design collection has several models to choose from and each of them comes in four different colour option. We decided on the classic Octo model but in the new smaller size, which we chose to have in black laminated finish. This variant can be perfectly integrated into our existing bedroom style. To match, we also selected Varsi 1000 wall bracket from the Secto Design collection.

The Varsi wall bracket is particularly suitable as it can be rotated and it supports the Octo 4241 pendant light. This means that we can freely mount our lamp with the Varsi on the wall. The arm can be rotated 180 °and is adjustable in lenght up to over 2 meters. Thus, it can be perfectly positioned and aligned. This was especially important to us in the bedroom. Another advantage is the easy installation, because with this variant we could connect the Octo 4241 to the normal power plug on the wall.

The classic and timeless pendant lamp Octo 4241 is now an absolute highlight item in our bedroom. We were able to change the feeling of a space in a simple way and this empowers the relaxed Wabi-Sabi trend in our bedroom.

We all have a natural tendency towards rounded shapes.

Individuality that reflects the imperfect

The pursuit of absolute perfection has been taken to extremes by all of us interior lovers in the recent years. The longing for symmetry and dead straight lines has made us all almost pedantic. Even though we all simply have a natural tendency towards rounded shapes and imperfections. That is also what makes us all special and unique. The Wabi-Sabi pays attention precisely to this fact. We are just noticing it through our Octo 4241, a harmony that we have never known has now been drawn into our own home! Our furnishings turned the bedroom into a very special place thanks to the individual character of the handmade Octo lamp and the unique play of light and shadow.

Wabi-Sabi follows the philosophy on Zen.

Why we chose the Octo 4241

We are simply in love with the timeless design of the Octo 4241. The lamp in combination with the Varsi creates a unique atmosphere in our bedroom which is characterized by cosiness and relaxation. Exactly the core elements that make the Wabi-Sabi trend so relevant! The lamp in combination with the Varsi is an innovative design highlight which can be integrated into any furnishing style. Furthermore, it allows you to position the lamp where you really need or want it and create an unique room atmosphere that you have never seen before. We are definitely huge fans of our new Octo 4241 and we are excited to see how you like the integration of our timeless classic!

Writers & Photos by:
Oliver Milczarek, Deniz Cok
Fashion Whisper