INTERVIEW  /  May 2020

Notes from our Austrian Representative 

1. How does the current COVID-situation affect your working life, Marianne Dobcak from Finnsideaut?

Due to the pandemia situation, most of the shops in Austria are closed. People work from their home offices and the visits to customers are not possible. The contact has been maintained through e-mail and phone calls. Even now, when the smaller shops are allowed start opening their doors, travelling is still not possible the way it used to be. Hotels are still closed. Also the use of protective masks is compulsory. On the other hand, I’ve had more time for walks in the forest, some yoga and gardening.

2. What's the effect on your market? How do you see the future and the impact this will have within the industry?

Of course the lockdown has and will effect the market, the showrooms were not allowed to keep their doors open, fairs heve been cancelled etc. Let’s hope, that the impact will not be too negative!

Haus Edelstein, Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria.
Project by UM Bau GmbH
Interior Design by Prehal.

3. Share one of the recent projects you have had with Secto Design lamps?

I would mention two stunning private homes that were finished recently. One is located in Ramsau, near Glacier Dachstein. The leader of the project was UM Bau G.m.b.H. The interior was designed by Prehal Möbel Ges.m.b.H and they said the clients' wish was to have lighting that would go together with the surrounding nature. The Secto pendants and the Octo fit to this stylish home perfectly, bringing wooden warmth and character to the space. The big windows offer a magnificent view to the surrounding mountains!

The other recent project is from the little town of Radstadt in the ragion of Salzburg. Yet another beautiful one-family house with a big fireplace and a sturdy wooden table on top of which the installation of Secto, Octo and Victo pendants look just great creating a center piece for the entire room! Prehal Möbel Ges.m.b.H were in charge of the interiors in this project too and apparently the clients love Secto lamps as they have even more lamps scattered around their home!

A private house in Radstadt, Austria. Photo by Prehal. 
Interior Design by Prehal.

4. Share your most surprising Secto related story

One early August morning last year I got a call from the CEO of Secto, and learned that the whole Secto team will arrive in Vienna in less than a few hours time. This surprise was caused by flight cancellations and Vienna spontaneously became the new destination of the trip. It was such a fun and nice surprise for me. It’s always great to meet the Secto team!

5. Greetings to colleagues

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive, take care of yourselves & enjoy the springtime! Looking forward to seeing you all again!