INTERVIEW  /  May 2020

Greetings from the Turkish Representative

 1. How does the current COVID-situation affect your working life, Yalcin Gülen from Diseño?

We have been closed for almost 2 months now. Not only Diseño, but all the shops are closed here in İstanbul. Only supermarkets and pharmacies are open. We all are working from home. There will be some re-openings from the beginning of June.

2. What's the effect on your market? How do you see the future and the impact this will have within the industry?

The entire market is shut down and economically I don’t belive that all companies can survive from this scene. Diseño is expanding and these times we are living add a lot of stress to the plans made before, when no one could guess what was about to happen.

In the future, Diseño will have a great success and will continue it’s growth. I am very hopeful, everything just needs to re-open. I am sure all my new and old customers will start to redesign their apartments once we are over the pandemia. Home will be the safest place for now and it will stay like that in the future. I am not sure about contract market side as economy is not going well in Turkey.

Showroom of Diseño in Istanbul. Photo by Yalcin Gũlen.

3. Share one of the recent projects you have had with Secto Design lamps?

A beautiful five star Hotel Astana in Kazakhstan, where they have over twenty lamps altogether. There are Octos, Punctos, Victos and Magnum pendants.

4. Greetings to colleagues

Stay safe and wash your hands!