INTERVIEW  /  July 2020

Virtual tours and a new Showroom

1. Share your latest news with us, what's up Bram Roose from TunnelmaDesign?

Since the middle of March we have a beautiful new showroom! It is a nice industrial hall of over 300 m2 where we mix lighting (Secto Design and SAAS) together with acoustics. We design and manufacture the acoustics under own label. The ‘industrial design setting’ of our new showroom creates the right ambiance for the products we present. The showroom is meant to be an inspiration for architects and professional buyers visiting us.

The brand new showroom of TunnelmaDesign.

2. What are your expectations regarding the new showroom?

We had lots of plans inviting architects over to the showroom and a grand opening in May. But then COVID-19 changed everything.

When the first physical meetings were cancelled, we immediately replaced them with virtual tours aimed for the architect. During this tour we guide our customers with a webcam through our showroom in approximately 15 minutes. We have so far had about 60 tours with Dutch architects and light planners and at the moment we are planning tours with professional customers from Belgium.

A good selection of Secto Design lamps displayed together with TunnelmaDesign's other brands.

3. Tell us more about the virtual tours, sounds exciting! What has the response been?

The good news is that we have a lot of very positive reactions on these tours. Architects are really positive about them!

At the same time there are ‘challenges’. In real life, when you would have 60 meetings it would take a couple of months. But now, 60 virtual meetings are done in 3 weeks and then what’s next…?  Because staying ‘top of mind’ is essential, we are planning to post ‘Make Over’ cases through our Newsletters and Social Media channels where we present to the professionals how his/her project might look like when using our lighting collections or acoustic solutions.

I think this ‘staying in the awareness’ of your customers continue to be challenging in the coming months since nobody knows how long this virus will stay among us and for how long the restrictions remain.

4. What are you expecting the most once things will be back to normal?

What I as a private person miss the most is freedom and spontaneity. The freedom to see friends when you feel like it, popping in to a terrace or a restaurant or simply just doing things whenever you want.

From a business point of view I notice that, at the moment, things are not only physically locked but there is certainly also a mental restrain for companies to look ahead and dare to invest. I hope that people will at some point dare to be optimistic and look to the future again. I sincerely hope that this does not have to wait till there will be a vaccination available. Because we all need this positive and forward-looking spirit to come back in order to speed up business!

Architects can get a feel of the Secto Design lamps through virtual tours.