TIPS & IDEAS  /  July 2020

Brightening up covered patios

During the passed spring, when we all spent lots of time at home, the patios and balconies became important extensions to our living spaces. Home decorating turned into a new hobby for many as home had toplay many new roles: to serve as an office, as a remote school, as traditional home and as a relaxing leisure spot. The hot summer has now arrived and many of us are taking the most out of the outdoor extensions of our homes. How to bring a bit more atmosphere to a covered patio?

A covered summer terrace in Southern Finland was decorated with Secto pendants and wall lights.

This lovely summer terrace located in Southern Finland was decorated with several Secto pendant lights and Secto wall lights. The Secto wall lights were placed on beautiful red brick walls, to bring cosy light to the old walls. The black laminated Secto pendants hang on top of the desk facing stunning view to the lush garden. What an amazing background for our birch pendant lights!

The black laminated Secto pendants in two different sizes face a stunning view to the garden.

This welcoming patio tempts to spend many long evenings enjoying the company of friends and family after the long lockdown months experienced in the spring. Once summer turns towards autumn, what could be a better place for celebrating the traditional crayfish parties with the nearest and dearest than a warm patio that soaks in the soothing light of Secto lamps?

Fancy celebrating crayfish parties in the soothing light of the Secto lights?

When placing the lamps of the Secto line to a balcony or patio, it is essential to bear in mind the limitations: the space needs to be covered, as the lamps should not be exposed to direct rain nor excessive humidity.

* Please note, the outdoor use of the Secto fixtures is not compliant for the US market.